Monday, November 10, 2014

Improving Cooling on Fury Miners

Over the summer, I began adding more miners. The weather had started to warm up about the same time so the Furys started to increase in temperature.  In our area most places do not have air conditioning, so we are up to the mercy of the weather. Most of the year it's a cooler climate off the central coast of California, but this year it has been much warmer. Even without the weather, the Furys ICs would get hot but not the casing, which is a giant heat sink anyway. That told me there is poor thermal transfer. I had to do something about it. Cooler ICs means less hardware errors which means more accepted shares.

Upon research I narrowed down to these two items:

  • Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Thermal Paste (comes with spatula) - Amazon
  • ArctiClean Thermal Paste Cleaner - Amazon
  • .6in Heatsinks - AliExpress (My first purchase from AliExpress)
    • Came with extra Raspberry Pi heatsink sets
Wait, err, make that three items - the cleaner was one of those things on Amazon "people also bought." The stuff works great but I ended up only using it on the first one so I could conserve paste.