Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blast from the Past: Tandy 1000TL/2

A little over two years ago I was finishing building the XTIDE Adapter with the Dangerous Prototypes free PCB. Using their Bus Pirate I was able to flash the CPULD, but you need a computer to flash the BIOS. Upon pulling my Tandy 1000TL/2 (my first computer were I learned the basis of everything I do today) out of the closet, I realized after trying a standard keyboard that it requires an XT keyboard. Drat! When my wife and I moved first moved to Monterey, I had gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. I couldn't remember if the Tandy keyboard was one of them. I know I got rid of the monitor(s) and dot matrix printer. Either way, I still haven't found it.

Once in a while I would think about this project and looked up ways to create an adapter from AT to XT. It's cheaper and it takes up less space then getting a $$$ XT clicky keyboard on eBay. More recently I had found some decently priced ones on eBay but never pulled the trigger. 

Then after our trip to the Portland Mini Maker Faire and staying/talking to my best friend, it sparked my motivation to finish this project. We had visited a computer recycling place in search of a keyboard. They thought they had one, but not all 5pin din keyboards from yesteryear are XT. So looking on eBay can be tough as well. The best bet are ones that obviously have a switch.