Monday, December 5, 2011

Finally, it has arrived! (Late Post)

It was the afternoon of November 25, we had finished our Black Friday shopping and had finally gained some needed sleep. I was anxiously awaiting for the mail carrier to deliver my order from BatchPCB. I checked the mailbox to find my anticipated package had finally arrived. I hurried inside, ripped open the envelope, and found not one but two beautiful PCB's. Being it the Thanksgiving weekend and wanting to take good pictures, I wasn't able to start using the boards until Sunday evening. Because playing a new Xbox title took precedence. With the weekend coming to a close I had to at least get something completed. My photographer (fiance) was able to take pictures before I started going at it with the soldering iron. 

Here are the boards, untouched:

After testing the board I started assembly:

Completed PCB:


  1. I came her because of your recent comment on Hack-A-Day.
    This board is really well done. You said you cam a long way up to the point where you could design your own board. That really motivated me in my strive to keep on working. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! Just keep at it. I did a lot of reading and comparing notes to get where I am now. Lot of confused nights but it pays off in the end.